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5 mistakes you have to AVOID when charging your Electric Vehicle

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5 mistakes you have to AVOID when charging your Electric Vehicle

In this ebook, you'll learn how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes when charging your electric car. That will help you avoid accelerated degradation of your EV battery.

If you apply what I share in this ebook you can keep your battery degradation at a minimum.

Here are a few examples of what you'll be learning in this ebook:

  • DC Fast Charging is terrific but you should know its downsides and use it wisely.
  • Fully charging your battery every time is not the best option. Learn when and how much to charge each time.
  • Batteries' performance takes a hit with extreme weather and can even result in permanent damage. Learn how to overcome the weather challenges.

Batteries are an EV's most expensive component. Learn the easy best practices that will allow you to keep a healthy battery.

Who is Gustavo Almeida?

By now you certainly wondered who is Gustavo Almeida and what he knows about this...

Gustavo Almeida has been a fan of cars and technology since childhood.

Although not the biggest fan at first, since 2019 he's been very keen on electric vehicles. So much so that he has been driving one since the end of 2021.

The information shared in 5 mistakes you have to avoid when charging your EV is a collection of the industry's most important mistakes and doubts people have about charging their electric cars which cause the most degradation to batteries.

Without this information, it's possible that you'll lose more time and money, and your electric car will lose range and efficiency faster than it should...until you know and understand the best charging practices and keep your battery healthy... or you might even never understand it...

With this information, you got yourself a fast shortcut and won't need to spend any more time or money to charge your battery like a pro and keep a healthy battery.


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